• Full and Part-time Dressage Training Packages 

  • Radio system used during lessons

  • Trailer-in Lessons 

  • Dressage Clinics in your area

  • Coaching at Shows

  • Showing clients' horses at all levels 

  • Full care facility offering a full range of services to develop Dressage

  • Help in finding the perfect horse to match each rider

  • Sell your Dressage Horse through us

  • Take Dressage Lessons on a Trained Horses

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TESTIMONIAL: ¨It took me once to see Marta Renilla ride my horse, on a fortuitous occasion, to know that I wanted to be taught proper Dressage by her. Marta has exceptional coaching skills. She is structured, sequential and, most of all, straightforward and clear. Marta and her family are joyful, fun loving and considerate people. WEC is a happy place and the place to be if you want to improve your riding.¨