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WEC's Board at Main Barn: $1,100/mo
  • 12x12 stalls with Rubber Mats

  • Twice a day stall cleanining

  • Barn with Automatic water &  fly control

  • Blanketing in winter

  • Fan Use (one per stall) and common fans in tacking areas during hot days

  • Daily individual turnout in green pastures (CenFlex fences) - 3 hours/horse in automatic watered paddocks. All night or all day long turn out optional. 

  • Two Tack Rooms with A/C and Dehumidifiers. Assigned Lockers for boarders.

  • Grain: Morning & Late afternoon including: Triumph Senior (Nutrena) as requested by boarder +  Hay (2 squares/meal) 

  •  Supplements & Vitamins distribution

  •  Supervision and scheduling of Ferrier and veterinary appointments.

  •  Full use of WEC’s facilities:

-         Covered Arena: 225' x 100', with large mirrors, 1st class footing, lights until 8 p.m. & Daily maintenance.

-         Jumping Arena: 250' x 120' - Competition wooden jumps 

-         Dressage Arena: 20m x 60m: 1st  class footing & daily maintenance

-         Hunters grass field 

-         Riding grass Field with eventing jumps

-         2 Separate Schooling Arenas (beginner riders)

-         1 mile trails and pathways surrounded by 3 beautiful ponds and paddocks

-         9 Showers (7 front of the property); 2 (back of the property)

  • Easy in & out Trailer Turn Around: 194'x170'

  • 40+ Trailer capacity Parking at additional monthly cost: $50 small trailer; $75 large trailer

  • WEC’s staff in the facility 24/7. Guard Duty protocol and blanketing and fans usage as needed, not as per closing hours

  • A/C Dressing Room 

  • A/C Café: Fridge & microwave 

  • Minimum Training Package Required with Grand Prix Equestrian Professionals

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